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We’re fairly confident that Telestial State was the inspiration behind the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Watch out Fox News - there’s a new media outlet for All Patriot News, All The Time. Two representatives have attempted to nullify the obscure Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 with an amendment buried in the latest Defense Authorization bill. The Smith-Mundt Act enabled the US Government to produce and distribute propaganda internationally, but prevented it from doing so domestically.

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If you’re a liberal-leaning Mormon and politics come up, you love bringing up Harry Reid. Here we have a Mormon who is not only a Democrat, but he currently holds one of the highest positions in Congress—Senate Majority Leader.

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I hope you didn’t like knowing things about the country you live in. The House voted a few weeks back to eliminate the American Community Survey, a data collection tool performed since the 1790s that creates a detailed portrait of the lives of Americans. Sure, the ACS collects some pretty obscure data, such as flush toilet usage. However, they also do some important things, like finding out what language is spoken at home or if you’ve got a job.

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With Orrin Hatch actually having to earn the Republican nomination for the first time since his election back in the 70s, there have been talks of public debates.

The idea behind these “debates” is to get each of the potential party nominees in one place where questions can be asked by a moderator. The public and local media would be invited, and how these candidates answers these questions would help the populace decide who they think would be represent their state in Congress.

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Congratulations to @MisterMichaelK for winning the Telestial State Photoshop Challenge of the Day: put 's face on the body of Biff Tannen from 'Back to the Future.'

Meet Mitt Tannen.

Form of, the same old shit!

You can’t really get any more “Washington Insider” than Orrin Hatch. The guy has been in the Senate so long that when he joined Congress, the Seattle Mariners had yet to ever play a game of baseball*. Congressional approval ratings are hovering in the single digits—with a general disdain for long-standing members—and for the first time in decades, Hatch isn’t an absolute lock for reelection.

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